Valor NPI : Extract DFM Measurements using the INFO command structure

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This is a simple script that will extract DFM (Checklist results) Measurements.


The script should be placed in the path %VALOR_DIR%\sys\scripts.


It can be executed by doing the following, after starting Valor NPI:

  1) Open the ODB++ database and the Step that contains the Checklist that will be parsed for results.

  2) Access File->Script->Run from the Graphic Stationmain menu.

  3) Navigate to the script (named "info_meas.txt" unless changed by the user) and then enter the values for the Output File and Checklist Name in the Parameters field, as shown below.

  4) You may then press Ok or Applyto execute the script.




The script content is as follows:

    set OUT_FILE = "$1"

    set CHECKLIST = "$2"

    COM info,args=-t check -e ${JOB}/${STEP}/${CHECKLIST} -m display -d MEAS -u no -o action=1,out_file=${OUT_FILE},write_mode=replace,units=inch


Variable descriptions (for

     The OUT_FILE variable is the name of full path to the file that will contain the Checklist measurements.

     The CHECKLISTvariable is the name of the ODB++ Checklist that will be parsed for the data that goes to OUT_FILE.


NOTE 1: The 2nd attached script,, is a variation on the first  example, described above.  It allows the number of

           actions in the Checklist (ie., Signal Checks, Power/Ground Checks, etc) to be specified, whereas the first example script

           only has a single action and so a Checklist with multiple Actions would have to have the COM line duplicated and the

           action field incremented. In this version, the variable values are set within the script and are not taken from parameters.


NOTE 2: The 3rd attached script,, allows for mulitple actions, as does the one in NOTE 1, however, in this

              version the chklist, outfile and total_actions variable values are taken from parameters and do not have to be modified within the script.


NOTE 3: The 4th attached script,, is adaptable to work for any given action within the Checklist by modifying the action

              variable at the top of the script. This varies from the script as that script is hard coded for Action #1 only.


NOTE 4: The function utilized by this script is not available to any Valor NPI user that is licensed via the Valor NPI Seat or Station formats.

              It is only available if the user has legacy vSure license features in place.