Valor NPI : Attribute from Properties script

Version 4

    This is a simple script that will convert CAD Properties to ODB++ Attributes.



    The script should be placed in the path %VALOR_DIR%\sys\scripts.



    It can be executed by doing the following, after starting Valor NPI:

      1) Open the ODB++ database and the Step that is to be modified.

      2) Access File->Script->Run from the Graphic Station main menu.

      3) Navigate to the script (named "comp_atr_from_prop.txt" unless changed by the user), as shown below.

      4) You may then press Ok or Apply to execute the script.






    The script contents is as follows:


    # The component side to act on: top, bottom, both
    set CSIDE =  both


    # The component type or package type attribute to
    # setany existing component attribute.
    # Any other existing attribute could be used here.
    set SATTR = .comp_type2
    #set SATTR = .package_type


    # The cad property to extract the value from.
    # Any property carried over from the cad design data
    # can be used here.


    # The index of the property if it is an array or
    # 0 for a text property. Index starts at 1 if an array.
    set CPROPIDX = 0


    # The numeric mode of the value if not text: inch, mm, mil, micron
    set CPROPUNITS = inch


    # Overwrite any existing attribute values: yes, no
    set OVERWRITE = yes


    # Attribute only selected components: yes, no
    set SELECTED = no


    COM comp_atr_from_prop,side=${CSIDE},attribute=${SATTR},property=${CPROP},prop_index=${CPROPIDX},prop_units=${CPROPUNITS},overwrite=${OVERWRITE},selected=${SELECTED}


    NOTE: There is also an alternative version of the script, named "comp_atr_from_prop_array.txt", which stores the parameter

    settings in an array that is much easier to propagate if you wish to convert more than one property with the same script.