'Automation Script to scan, sort and order schematic sheets and Annotate back to the Design'

Document created by peter_festesen on Mar 26, 2012
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Here is an example of a piece of automation that allows users to scan all schematic sheets, and to sort them in a grid to define a new page ordering. This new pageordering can now be used to annotate existing properties to all schematic sheet border symbols. In the attached example, the automation script form creates a scout.ini file in the background and runs Crossreference to assign PAGE_NUMBER and PAGE_TOTAL properties to all border symbols. Users can write a page order file if they prefer runnign Crossreference manually.


In order to use the script, the librarian needs to add PAGE_NUMBER and PAGE_TOTAL properties to all border symbols. In order to do that they need to be defined in the Property Definition Editor. 


Once that is done, the script will read/write these - and obviously, PAGE_NUMBER can be used to control printing or exporting pdf's.


The script was created in 2010 by Anders Fredriksson and me. Modified versions are used by customers.


In order to use your own border symbols, you will have to modify the scrip. Load the script into DxDesigner and use the built-in editor.


The script uses csheet.1 to annotate to. You will have to modify lines 130 to annotate to your specific border symbol. If you are using a large number of diferent border symbols, they all need ot be present here, starting from line 130.


The script searches for (and annotates) properties PAGE_NUMBER and PAGE_TOTAL. If you plan to use other properties, you will need to modify lines 175 and 176.

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