Do I need to remove PADS 9.4 before installing PADS 9.4.1?

Document created by andrew_audova on Mar 26, 2012
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While PADS 9.4.1 is a full release (not an update/patch), it can still be installed to the same location where you already have PADS 9.4 installed*, and it will update the necessary files/executables to be version PADS 9.4.1. The install program will automatically select the same products to install based on what was loaded by the previous PADS 9.4 installation. Make sure you do NOT uncheck any product selections to ensure that all required products get updated.


The installation should also take much less time because most of the  files/executables were not  updated between PADS 9.4 and PADS 9.4.1 (the  installation program knows to skip any files that are already  up-to-date).


*Default (and recommended) target location for all PADS Flow installations is...


...and doing so with PADS 9.4 and/or PADS 9.4.1 installs all files/executables under the release specific "<target>\9.4PADS" sub-folder (will not overwrite any PADS 9.3.1 or older releases). By default this location is:


: Before installing always make sure you have closed out of all PADS Flow software.


Tip: For help and more details on installing the PADS Flow software - PADS Install and Licensing


What if I run into installation errors?

If you happen to encounter errors with the installation you should remove all PADS 9.4 and PADS 9.4.1 software, reboot your computer, and then re-install only the PADS 9.4.1 software.


What if I don't already have PADS 9.4 installed?

PADS 9.4.1 is a full release and can be installed on its own. There is no requirement to install any previous version of PADS.


How can I tell that my PADS applications were updated to version PADS 9.4.1?

Check the Help>About menu-pick in PADS Layout, Logic, Router, or DxDesigner, and it will reflect the PADS 9.4.1 version. See the following screen-captures for PADS 9.4 and PADS 9.4.1, highlighting the differences.


PADS 9.4 Help>About:




PADS 9.4.1 Help>About: