Automation functionality example for Open Hyperlink / DATA_SHEET

Version 1

    Warning! Scripts obtained through TechNotes, the Mentor Communities Site, or any resource not the Mentor Graphics Installer, are not supported software. Use with caution. Backup your data before executing any such script.



    This is an example how to make DxD Popup "Hyperlink" effect to work in automation.


    Enclosed zip contains all example files.


    I've taken Open_datasheet.vbs from the TechNote mg72436. It contains an example of getting DATA_SHEET property.

    Take care of the Acroread command "AcroRd32.exe in the of the script if needed.


    scripts.ini contains the execution of the tky_menu.vbs


    tky_menu.vbs contains ViewDataSheet menu add to existing Edit menu. A personal menu (which is the most clever for this kind of purposes) seems to be impossible to use with ExecuteMenuCommand.

    At least I could not make it to work. If anybody knows how to to do it please let us all know.


    ExecuteMenuCommand.vbs contains Application.ExecuteMenuCommand("EditViewDataSheet") which does the trick.