Integrated Constraint Editing with iCES

Document created by sdd_tina on Jun 5, 2012
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Integrated Constraint Editing with iCES


Why iCES?

Generally, constraint management systems provide a "whole world view" of constraints that may not be the optimum way to navigate through this data when a design carries over 12,000 net level constraints.  You need a way to view your constraints when you are working deep within your schematic or layout graphical design.


Because of this, iCES was developed and currently is the only context sensitive constraint editor in the industry that is integrated with your schematic or layout editor to support constraint driven design in an interactive method that is easy to use.


Displayed in an easy to use dockable side window, you can view and edit your constraints in the context of editing the schematic in DxDesigner or editing the layout in Expedition PCB.  Four basic but wide reaching tasks are available to you in iCES, they are:



Basic iCES Tasks

  • View - select an object and open ices window to obtain instant constraint information for your design object.
  • Edit - select a cell showing constraint value and either type in a value or select a value from a dropdown list of available values.
  • Add - click the add constraint button to access a dropdown list of available constraints for your object and then type in the value.
  • View Actuals - by looking at the actual length of routes and comparing this info against the constraint value that you've set for your design, you can quickly modify routes within limits.


Explore how iCES enhances your experience of constraint driven design in this video.