Updating Your License Manager (Server) With a New License File (Video)

Version 2

    If you've received a new license file for your server, please watch this video and follow this procedure for updating your license manager (server) with your new file.




    Updating Your License File:


    1. Open Start > Programs > Mentor Graphics Licensing > Lmtools.
    2. Select the Start/Stop/Reread tab.
    3. Choose the service you wish to stop.
    4. Click Stop Server. Note: you may want to verify with the Windows Task Manager that both the lmgrd and mgcld processes have stopped.
    5. Navigate to your license file. Note: You can verify the path on the Config Services tab.
    6. Rename your old license file and save your new one in it's place.
    7. Edit your new license file replacing the "put_server_name_here" in the SERVER field with the hostname of the license server. You can copy and past this from your old license file.
    8. Replace the "path_to_mgcld" in the DAEMON line with the local path to mgcld.
    9. Save your license file.
    10. In Lmtools, click Start Server on the Start/Stop/Reread tab.