How to get the file handle of the layout in DESIGNrev (for use in a Tcl script)

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Getting the file handle of the layout currently visible in DESIGNrev is frequently needed for use in Tcl batch scripts. Here's an example showing one way to create a layout file handle in DESIGNrev.


To get the file handle of the layout currently visible in DESIGNrev, start by getting the handle of the cwbWorkBench object which provides access to information contained in the application. This handle can be accessed with the following:


   find objects -class cwbWorkBench


The handle of the layout can now be accessed using the cwbWorkBench object handle with the following:


   <cwbWorkBench object handle name> cget -_layout


Here is an example code snippet that uses this method to get the layout handle and output all cells found in the layout:


   set wb [find objects -class cwbWorkBench]

   set L [ $wb cget -_layout]

   set allcells [$L cells]

   puts $allcells



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