Setting user preferences for DESIGNrev

Version 3

    User preferences for DESIGNrev can be set by using pulldown menu choices. Use any selection on the Options tab to bring up the Preferences dialog. The changes are saved to a file. The default path and filename for this file is:




    If you like, you can make changes manually to that file using a text editor.


    A few related notes:

    • If the MGC_CWB_CONFIG_DIRS environment variable is set in the shell environment then the default location for the preferences file isn't used.
    • If your user preference files are removed, you will lose your personal settings. If you are experiencing difficulties in DESIGNrev and you want to see if your user preferences are part of the problem you can temporarily rename your preference file and restart DESIGNrev to see if that has any effect.


    More information and details are available in the Calibre DESIGNrev Layout Viewer User's Manual.



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