Display just the polygons of a certain net in a DESIGNrev layout

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It's possible within the DESIGNrev layout viewer to select a net and view it.


(This is different than using the NET operation in DRC or ERC rulechecks to create output that is then viewed using RVE and DESIGNrev)


Select a piece of the net then do the following:


1) Right click on a portion of the net and select Extract Net.


2) Right click on that portion again and select Filter Net.


A filter will be created for that net, it also contains the layers used on that net.


The default initial selection is set to show the polygons on the layers on the net, and not show other polygons on those layers.


For example, assume net1 has just layer M1. Filter Net will have:






The M1 layer will be hidden.


The other 2 layers will be shown. (note that they only contain data for net1)


To show all of M1 also, double click on it in the Layers palette.


(This assumes that DESIGNrev net connectivity statements are already being used. For more on that see "Extracting a Connected Net" in the DESIGNrev User's Manual)



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