How to calculate the total area of a layer - using nmDRC or nmLVS

Version 1

    Adding the DRC PRINT AREA statement to the SVRF rulefile will cause the total area of the layer(s) to be printed in the transcript from the Calibre run. For example:


    DRC PRINT AREA layerA layerB layerN


    Note 1:

    For the area of a layer to be printed, that layer must be required by at least one of the rulechecks that is executed. DRC PRINT AREA all by itself is not a rulecheck, some rulecheck involving the layer of interest must actually be executed. If you wish to run just a dummy check to trigger calculation of the area for a layer then you could add a dummy check. e.g.



    @ Just a dummy check to trigger examination of metal

    area metal == 0 // will create empty layer



    Note 2:

    DRC PRINT AREA also works in Calibre LVS, as long as the layer of interest is actually used in the connectivity and/or device recognition.


    If you know of an additional or better way to calculate and report the area of a layer, feel free to leave a comment below and we can update this document as needed.



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