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Document created by chris_balcom on Jul 6, 2012
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If your SupportNet searches seem to be returning bad results or missing the product you want, here are some guidelines for improving your SupportNet search results:


  1) Keywords 

      The supportNet search is keyword based.

      Use a few keywords for the search (like you would with Google).

      Refine the search by adding or changing keywords.

      Do not use a long list of words, especially entire sentences.

      If a search finds no results the search string will be automatically resubmitted with OR added between each word. 

      That rarely produces a usable result.

      You will need to further refine the search to improve the results.

      A better approach is to return to the original search and remove the unnecessary terms and refine from there.


   2) Select your Product

     Before doing a search, select that product on the My Products list, or go to that product page. 

     The search is constrained by the product selected, and the "Search all My Products" setting.


   3) "My Products" list

      Add all of the products you are using to your My Products list.

      If you use Calibre Interactive, add Calibre RVE to your My Products list also.


   4) "Search all My Products"

      Start with unselecting "Search all My Products".

      That will target the search specifically to the product you have selected.

      If that didn't find enough usable search results, then select "Search all My Products" and do the search again.


   5) Use Advanced search      The most targeted answers are usually in TechNotes.

      To restrict search to just TechNotes, use Advanced and under "Restrict My Results" select "All TechNotes".


  6) Messages

      To look up an error/warning message, enter the static portions of the message as a quoted string.



            Error GRP4 on line 47 of myRules - invalid operand within RuleCheck group specification statement.


         Search for:

               "Error GRP4"


      If that does not find a sufficient answer, refine the search by adding some other static portions of the message:

               "Error GRP4" "invalid operand"



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