RVE multi-layer highlighting in DESIGNrev without using Calibre Interactive ( prior to 2010.1)

Document created by burr_shaw on Sep 4, 2012
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Use the Calibre DESIGNrev/WORKbench 'preferences' file directive prefs_rve_multiLayerHighlights. The .calibrewb_workspace/preferences file is only read during DESIGNrev/WORKbench startup so any preference modification must be in place prior to starting the tool.

To get the multi-layer highlighting setting do the following in order:

1) shut down DESIGNrev
2) open the .calibrewb_workspace/preferences file in your favorite text editor
3) modify prefs_rve_multiLayerHighlights setting to 1
4) save the file
5) restart DESIGNrev


Now your RVE results will use the multi-layer highlighting in DESIGNrev. The same processes works for WORKbench.