How properties are mapped between layout and schematic when using Calibreview.

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In general, in the Calibreview flow, all properties for devices originate  from the schematic master.


After xRC is run, producing a Calibreview  format, the layout properties come into play.
Now when you choose the  Calibreview cellmap file to produce the Calibreview, here is the details of how  the different properties get passed to the final Calibreview  output:


Case[1]  For all properties that are present both in the  schematic and the layout  -> Calibreview takes the properties from the  layout
     (This means that the schematic properties get overwritten by the  layout properties)
            case[1a] For all  properties that are present both in the schematic and the layout  and are also  specified in the Calibreview cellmap file, then the final properties with the  values come from this cellmap file
            case[1b]  If some of the  properties are not defined in the Calibre cellmap file, then in that case, the  properties will be passed from the layout if they are present in the layout. If  not found in the layout, they will come unchanged from the  schematic


Case[2] If a property for a device doesn't exist in the  original schematic symbol master but exists in the layout, then Calibreview will  not include these properties


Case[3] If a property for a device doesn't  exist both in the layout and in the schematic, then generated Calibreview will  not contain these properties independent of the fact that they are in the  Calibreview cellmap file or not

The bottomline is that in order to see a  property appear in the final Calibreview, they need to be present in the  schematic master.