Converting Pattern Libraries from PDL to PMDB format

Document created by matthew_killinger on Sep 21, 2012
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For releases of Calibre Pattern Matching beyond 2010.3, the pattern library must be in PMDB file format in order to be opened and edited. The previous pattern libraries in PDL file format must first be converted before they can be opened.


The Pattern Library Manager Utility (pdl_lib_mgr) can convert PDL files from an earlier version of the Calibre Pattern Matching tool to a PMDB library file. The utility is invoked at the command line. The Pattern Matching tool doesn't automatically convert pattern libraries from PDL format to PMDB format. This should prevent the inadvertent conversion of a library where it wasn't intended.

The basic usage for the pdl_lib_mgr utility to perform a conversion from the .pdl format to the .pmdb format is as follows:

$CALIBRE_HOME/bin/pdl_lib_mgr {convert input filename [input filename]... output filename [precision value]}

The convert argument converts the library to the PMDB file format, the format used for pattern matching in releases beyond 2010.3.

Note: The pattern library manager utility for Calibre releases prior to 2011.3 cannot read pattern libraries generated by 2011.3 or later releases.

Details concern the convert argument, the pdl_lib_mgr utility, and other pattern matching topics can be found in the Calibre Pattern Matching User's Manual.