Generate svdb for CCI with nxf file for preliminary StarRC flow setups using only layout.gds file and without a real source netlist

Document created by brent_beebe on Oct 2, 2012
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You can generate an svdb for CCI with nxf file when you only have a layout.gds file and no source netlist, for when the nxf is needed for some preliminary StarRC flow setups.


While this is not a final version of the nxf (you have to have your real source file for it to be a true cross reference file), you can generate a preliminary svdb for CCI with an nxf file, using only a layout.gds file, and a rules file.


You cannot generate an nxf file without a source netlist. You can, however, create a usable dummy source netlist and Calibre will create an svdb for CCI, and also an nxf file.


  1. Place MASK SVDB DIRECTORY svdb QUERY CCI in your rules file.
  2. In your rules file, set the SOURCE PATH to "dummy.spi"
  3. On the command line, “touch” dummy.spi  (creates an empty file)
  4. $MGC_HOME/bin/calibre calibre –spice “layout.spi”  rules


This should create the CCI SVDB and the nxf file if you have the rules set up correctly.