How does the TEXT statement affect layout text at the same coordinate when no name used?

Document created by chris_balcom on Nov 13, 2012
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The TEXT specification statement effectively "removes" only top level text at the specified location if no name is specified in the same statement.


NOTE: the TEXT specification statement only applies to "top level text", whether applied to its usage as a text "creation" technique, or as a "text editing" technique, or as a "text deleting" technique. Nested text will not be affected in any way.


e.g. The following SVRF statement would result in a top level text being created at 27 -4.5 on the METAL layer, and the text label would read: top_vss


If a text existed at the top level already at that coordinate, it would effectively be edited/replaced with the text label described above. Regardless of original layer, the newly specified layer would be the one used for the text at the specified coordinate.


TEXT top_vss 27 -4.5 METAL