Automation: Get report of Library's Part Partion versus DxDesigner's Part Number

Document created by timo_kyyronen on Dec 17, 2012
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This is an utility to check Library's Part Partition info against DxD design Part Numbers. An excel csv file is created containing for the whole design hierarchy.



'Warning! This is an unsupported script and should be used with caution.
'v 1.0 Mentor Graphics Finland, Timo Kyyronen, 05.12.2012
'Search the partnumber Part Partion from PDB Library'
'C:\Design_PDB_Partitions.csv file is created for the results.
'Script is as it is, no official support is provided.
'Backup your library and design before testing this

'Usage: in DxD command line "run <path_to_this_code>.vbs