Instructions to Opt-in and Opt-out of the Sourcery CodeBench Customer Experience Improvement Program

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Learn more about the Sourcery CodeBench Customer Experience Improvement Program.


These instructions are applicable to the 2013.05 and newer releases of Sourcery CodeBench.

Note: This feature is currently available only on Linux hosts.


Opt-In Instructions - Sourcery CodeBench

During Installation


During the installation process for Sourcery CodeBench, select the "Yes" option (under "Improvement Program") when prompted to opt-into the CEI Program.



Opt-In/Out Instructions Through the "Preferences" Settings


Within Sourcery CodeBench, under Window > Preferences > Sourcery CodeBench, select the right appropriate choice.




Opt-In via Command Line (works for Sourcery CodeBench Lite Edition)


Any one of the following three will work:

  • Via Environment variable: "export CS_CLOUD_MODE=online"
  • Edit .cs.conf:  "cloud_mode=online"
  • Command line: cs -O "cloud_mode=online"


  • Also change the path to: PATH=<CodeBench-install-dir>/bin/cache:$PATH



Opt-Out Instructions for Sourcery CodeBench Lite Edition

Temporary Opt-Out


To opt-out temporarily, via the environment:


export CS_CLOUD_MODE = offline


Permanent Opt-Out


To opt-out permanently, via the configuration file :


/etc/cs.conf | ~/.cs.conf | <cache-dir>/cs.conf

cloud_mode = offline


*Please note that the commands are case sensitive.