Instructions to Opt-in and Opt-out of the Sourcery CodeBench Customer Experience Improvement Program

Version 11

    Learn more about the Sourcery CodeBench Customer Experience Improvement Program.


    These instructions are applicable to the 2013.05 and newer releases of Sourcery CodeBench.

    Note: This feature is currently available only on Linux hosts.


    Opt-In Instructions - Sourcery CodeBench

    During Installation


    During the installation process for Sourcery CodeBench, select the "Yes" option (under "Improvement Program") when prompted to opt-into the CEI Program.



    Opt-In/Out Instructions Through the "Preferences" Settings


    Within Sourcery CodeBench, under Window > Preferences > Sourcery CodeBench, select the right appropriate choice.




    Opt-In via Command Line (works for Sourcery CodeBench Lite Edition)


    Any one of the following three will work:

    • Via Environment variable: "export CS_CLOUD_MODE=online"
    • Edit .cs.conf:  "cloud_mode=online"
    • Command line: cs -O "cloud_mode=online"


    • Also change the path to: PATH=<CodeBench-install-dir>/bin/cache:$PATH



    Opt-Out Instructions for Sourcery CodeBench Lite Edition

    Temporary Opt-Out


    To opt-out temporarily, via the environment:


    export CS_CLOUD_MODE = offline


    Permanent Opt-Out


    To opt-out permanently, via the configuration file :


    /etc/cs.conf | ~/.cs.conf | <cache-dir>/cs.conf

    cloud_mode = offline


    *Please note that the commands are case sensitive.