Enhanced Global Nets Report

Document created by john_dube on Oct 2, 2014
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The native DxDesigner global nets report (Tools -> List Global Signals) reports each global net (attached to pin symbol with Global Signal Name property), block by block.  And clicking on the global net name in the output window opens the block and visits just one usage of that global net.  However, for hierarchical designs, the block is opened directly, causing the instance properties such as Ref Designator, to show the block values instead of instance values.


Attached is an enhanced global nets report that displays every global net, followed by every unique sheet that uses that global net.  Clicking the hyperlink opens the sheet with the proper hierarchical context (so that the correct Ref Designator values are displayed), and selects all segments of the global net on that sheet.


Load the script on startup by adding a reference to this script in the [viewdraw] section of a scripts.ini file:




Then run the Tools -> Global Nets Report (Enhanced) menu and look in the "Global Nets" tab of the output window.  The report is also written to a file called GlobalNets.log which can easily be opened with the DxDesigner File Viewer.