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Document created by andrew_french on Jul 21, 2016
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This application will enable you to audit your via usage across your Xpedition layout.  The top window will list the types of vias used in the project and their quantities, different spans will be listed as their own type as well.  If you select one of these listings, all of the vias of this type and span will be listed in the window below.  Selecting one or more of these vias from the bottom window will zoom to the extents of the via(s) and select them.


  • Discover low usage vias in the design and easily enable you to switch their type to a more common used via type in the layout.
  • Bulk modify thousands of vias easily and quickly.  Select one via and view its properties (you want the window that lets you select a new via type), then bulk select the remaining vias in the application window, once all are selected you can use the property window to select the new via type or span.


Written in C# Visual Studio 2013, source is included.

Should work on 7.9.X and VX.  You might have to recompile for 32bit.

Code is provided as is and not guaranteed to work, use at your own risk.