Modeling prerequisites - Solid Edge

Version 2

    An Important Note

    As of VeSys 2.0 2016.1 SP1710, integration with Solid Edge ST9 is supported and qualified. This is a Wiring only flow. A Harness flow is in the road map.

    While the wiring integration is not qualified with ST10, or ST8 and lower, we expect that the flow will work.

    If you need explicit qualification, please contact Mentor Support.

    Capital currently does not support Solid Edge.


    As changes or additional support is added, this document will be updated.



    Here is a link to a video that explains the flow.  In the video, we indicate some prerequisites currently required for the VeSys 2.0 - Solid Edge wiring flow. These are also described below. As the integration is matured over time, we expect to do away with some of the prerequisites.


    Modify SEHarness.txt

    In your Solid Edge installation, edit <SE_install_folder>\Siemens\Solid Edge ST9\Preferences\SEHarness.txt.

    Add the highlighted Connection Definition:


    Copy to

    Navigate to C:\MentorGraphics\VeSys\adaptors\resources folder, and copy the file to


    Typically the * files in the resources folder are updated in each Service Pack (SP) if new functionality is added that requires configuring or defect fixes require modification of existing property-value pairs.

    After a new SP is installed, it is good practice to do a file compare between your own file, and the to see if there are changes. If there are, you may choose to copy the new property-value pairs into your file.


    This file contains some property names that need to be on connection objects (wires, multicores and their innercores; nesting of multicores is not currently supported in Solid Edge). This is described in the video. We recommend you read the comments in the document carefully.


    Three properties are needed on wire and multicore objects. There are SE_Color, SE_Material, SE_WireType. 

    The SE_Material and SE_WireType values are to match exactly the values in the <SE_install_folder>\Siemens\Solid Edge ST9\Preferences\SEConductors.txt.

    The SE_Color value is to match the color number from Solid Edge. 


    Attached is a sample project and sample VeSys Components parts that you can use to test the flow. The project is designed in such a way that the exported .con and .cmp files will work exactly with the default Solid Edge Harness tutorial assembly.