VX.2.3 Update 13 Release Notes 

Version 1

    Problems Fixed in X-ENTP VX.2.3 Update 13


    Xpedition Layout

    dts0101345021 – Xtreme: Issue with Forward Annotation

    dts0101340485 - Planes is no longer filling in tiny plane shape

    dts0101343324 - Plane fill changed on a plane shape with a special arc geometry after a part (U2) is moved in DRC off mode

    dts0101322211 - The plane shape has created out of boundary from Route border.

    dts0101347664 - Imported DXF is incorrect



    dts0101341756 - Support ADMS18.2 on XpeditionAMS VX2.2 because of full supporting Win10 platform