VX.2.3 Update 14 Release Notes

Version 1

    Problems Fixed in X-ENTP VX.2.3 Update 14


    Xpedition Layout

    dts0101351142 - Backport changes to allow user to add a net short to a pin that is on net0.

    dts0101351178 - Backport changes to support Via to Pin intentional shorts in Forward Annotation.

    dts0101323949 - When placing tie legs using "Place Thermal Override" most of tie legs disappear. if user close and open layout, it tie leg show again in design.

    dts0101349252 - When copying PTH via and pasting to another PCB design, Via span is going strange.

    dts0101314036 - Create many of vertices trace

    dts0101350529 - Optimization of netline (Reschedule Netline feature) does not work properly when copy and paste layout area.

    dts0101333897 - Diffirent behavior with Net lines for selected items option .

    dts0101336334 - The setting values reflected from the Pad Stack Technology are not normally applied to the design.

    dts0101345066 - VIAs Change does not operate correctly in multi plow, VIA could change into VIA not defined in Setup Parameter.

    dts0101349242 - Trace shoving is not fully done, so it creates unnecessary space.

    dts0101349227 - Add via by layer change is going off pad origin in case of DRC off and Grid on.

    dts0101316589 - Movement of Plane with stitched vias differs based on type of dragging operation


    dts0101341756 - Support ADMS18.2 on XpeditionAMS VX2.2 because of full supporting Win10 platform

    dts0101345131 - Slowdown in Forward Annotation, preamble (misc[4]) load stage of ReOpenDocument

    dts0101350848 - Xtreme - Usage of temp directory can cause design to be unusable in Xtreme dession (due to an OS setting)

    dts0101349909 - Performance issue placing components in Package design

    dts0101353409 - Delay when moving a component in Xtreme


    Xpedition Designer

    dts0101330405 - Sheet order changed after importing a netlist project to an integrated flow project.


    Xpedition FabLink

    dts0101347445 - Multiline text overlaps in PDF when rotated 90 degrees


    EDM Server

    dts0101340507 - To support this governmental DFARS requirement, support for TLS 1.0 must be disabled on all ports


    Smart Utilities

    dts0101353992 - Area Cut Trace is removing net shorting from vias