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    PCBMatrix tools


      Now Mentor owns Valor and Valor owns PCBMatrix


      Are you planning to incorporate/integrate PCBMatrix tools inside Expedition?


      As this is DxD I like to ask about SymbolWizard inside DxD but also use the opportunity to ask about LPWizard under EE.


      Note:Possibly I can start to open a new long thread about Valor and VPL parts but not the place.

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          I prefer PCB Matrix keep independent on the Expedtionpcb.  As a small team, They can response very fast to any bug and inhancement requirement.   Two weeks ago, I found that Symbol Wizard  can't reconginze any implicit pins whiling importing Concepthdl and Dxdesigner symbols. After  reported to PCBMatrix, They immediately began to modified the tool to support this. If They have merged with Mentor team, I think you have to waite at least 18 Months to see any action be taken.


          Least but important, I wish PCB Matrix can support multiple CAD platforms ,not exclusively to Mentor platform.



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              Unfortunately, we are unable to make any comments about the Valor acquisition at this time. (If/when the acquisition is complete we will return to this thread)