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Discussion created by justin.mininni on Mar 6, 2010
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Hopefully I can describe this well enough: 


I have some devices in my design that I would like to synchronize with my harnesses.  They are basically fuse blocks with relays and circuit breakers.  I'm not exactly sure how to represent them in my design so that when I sync them, all of the pin information and wires going to it are shown in the harness. I've tried representing the fuseblocks as connectors in the harness, but when I sync, the connector just gets deleted. I've tried modifying the part in the component database between devices, connectors, and other without any success. Perhaps this is simple, but unfortunately I am struggling. I do not want to use a connector in the schematic design because it only allows you to put the pins on one side which will make my schematics a complete mess and harder to read.


If anyone can share their experience or any information, I would greatly appreciate it!


Thank you,