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    how can i back annotate to dxdesigner any help as i am new


      how can i back annotate to dxdesigner any help as i am new

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          Press "Back Annotate" button in Expedition.

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            There are (2) ways to do this from within Expedition:


            1) Setup>Project Integration


            A GUI will pop up and there are 4 options ( 4 buttons that will either be green or amber), 1 of which pertains to the PCB changes to be back annotated - Select the last option. It will tell you "Back Annotation Required" if there are changes that have been made i.e. pin swaps or ref des updates and the color will be amber letting you know an action is required.


            If nothing has been changed, no action is required and it will say "No pending PCB changes to be back annotated. (The color will be green)





            2) ECO>Forward Annotation

                         Backward Annotation


            Select this option and it will back annotate, but it does show any of the options above it will just state that back annotation completed successfully.


            Either way you go it will update any changes made in Expedition to DxD


            Also, you can use the BackAnnotation.txt  log file to see what changes were made if any. It will also track the LogicDB versions as the design evolves and changes are back annotated to DxD. (This file is located in in the PCB folder under LogFiles


            Below is an example of the log file --> I changed 1 ref des and swapped 6 pins and you can see that it states this in the log file.



                                     09:36 AM Tuesday, June 22, 2010
            Job Name: C:\L3_ECAD_WORK\L3-COM_WORK\DxDesigner-Expedition_Developement\L3_Test_iCDB\L3_Test\PCB\L3_Test.pcb

              Updating Logic Database...

                 Version:  99.00.05

                 There have been 1 reference designator changes and 6 pin
                  number changes.

                 The Common DataBase has been successfully updated.

                 The Logic DataBase has been updated and the Common DataBase has
                  automatically been brought into sync with the Logic DataBase.
                  Please proceed with your design.

                 Finished updating the Logic Database.

                 Updating the CDB Properties
                 Finished updating the CDB Properties

                 Updating LogicDB Version from 5 to 6.

                 Creating a formatted Schematic Netlist (LogFiles\AfterBakAnnoNetlist.txt)...
                 A formatted Schematic Netlist has been created.

                 Creating a new netlist text file (LogFiles\KeyinNetList.txt)
                  from the Logic Database (Work\Layout_Temp\LogicDB.lgc)...
              A new netlist text file has been generated.

                 Completed Back Annotation

                                          Variant data back annotation log

            Successful completion. No changes were found.