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    How to extract cell names , inc. those which are not connected in design


      Hello Everybody,

        Creating a list of cells, which appear in a design ( Expedition) is simple:

         Dim All_cells  ' Collection of all cells in design
          Dim Curr_cell  ' Current cell


                Set All_cells = My_Board.Cells

                For Each Curr_cell In All_cells
                   If Curr_cell.Celltype = 4 Then Print #1, Curr_cell.Name   ' Write cell name into a file
           So, what is the problem?
           The list of cells I get here, is ONLY for cells which take part in design with  connection(s).
           If a cell is present in design but has no connection
              ( in what is called " netlist" in Boardstation )

              - IT DOES NOT APPEAR IN LIST !!
            So, can anybody give me an advice how to collect ALL cell names,
            Including cells which do not have connectios, but still appear in database.


           I guess,  the loop must be in cell editor, and not in design.

           But, how to do it , I do not know, but will be glad to learn.


              Thanks in advance,