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    macro or basic script help


      I'm writing a basic script to export IDF from PADS to produce consistent     results (units, output selections).  My issue is that we only have one floating seat of the IDF     option.  I would like the script to check out the IDF option and     release it when it finishes.  I recorded a macro that I run within     the basic script but playback of the macro doesn't work. 

      The macro contains:
      Application.ExecuteCommand("Installed Options")
      List1.Checked(22) = true

      It opens the Installed Options dialog but doesn't check the IDF     option or apply it.  How to I check the option and apply or can this be done easier     without the macro?  Thanks for any help!

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          Look into using lmutil.exe via your code its a decent work around when certain automation utilities don't provide an easy way to check for license availability.


          lmutil.exe lmstat -c <location of license.dat file> -f <feature>

          reports the license usage of a specific feature in specified license.