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    Component Outline Area Study


      I have a method to determine the area of a component that has a polygon or circle geometry.  I do not have a method to determine the area for a combination polygon with arc segment.  I am stuck on how to determine which portion of the circle is closed in the geometry.  I read the using point array guideline however, it does not specify if the point array is always provided in a clockwise or counter clockwise order.  Does anyone have a method to find such an area?


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          Hi Nick,


          I recommend that you look at the Mask Engine automation, documented in the Automation Pro Batch Engines Reference manual.


          You can can perform boolean operations on shapes, or create a shape from a points array, and have the engine calculate the area.



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            Hi John,


            Thanks for the response - I took a look at the path you described and from what I can tell the area method can only be implemented with automation pro (which my IT dept assures me is out of the cards).  I think what I'll do is consider the points on the arc as a segment of a polygon and then either add or subtract the portion of the circular area created by the arc based on whether or not the outline contains the origin of the circle using the geometry.ispointinside method.



            Do you know if Mentor provides statistics or rules of thumb for component/board outline area ratios for successfully placed/routed PCBs.  It seems to me from my experience that even reaching 50% is too difficult to route.  Is the number typically 30% - 40%?





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              I always use 25% as a goal for an easily routed board with two layers.  With a bit of work 25% can be routed on 1 layer.  I'd expect multilayer boards are pushing well past the 50% board/component area ratio.

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