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    DxDesigner (PADS 9.2): Archiving Projects // Project Directory Contents


      For archiving projects the tool Archiver is suggested. This tool seems to copy important files and subdirectories to a new location.

      One can add additional files and subdirectories to be copied, too. Opening the project on the new location seems to work.


      Using the tool have some drawbacks:

      • All libraries are copied. That's not our intention because we have another approach here.
      • The project xml file is changed to point to the copied lib and to the copied files "borders.ini" and "speccomp.ini".
        Both is not desired.
      • The information which files to add additionally is saved in a xml file. This xml file is also copied, too.
        But its not used for the next Archiver start at the original project, even if I copy the file to this location, so I have to add the files again.


      So my appoach would be to build my own archiving tool.

      Is there any documentation about the project directory contents to answer questions like:

      • Which subdirectories one has to archive to rebuild the project ?
      • What are the subdirectories "autobackup", "designintegritycheckerbackup" and other used for ?
        This is interesting anyway.
      • Which parts of the directory "database" are to archive ?
        There are some restrictions (see Archiver users guide note).
      • Are there other important files then the configuration files.
        (For the configuration files there is enough documentation I think.)
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          We are planning to enhance the DxArchiver utility in several areas and the issues you raise will be addressed at this time, along with several additional capabilities, particularly concerning 'restore from archive'.

          If you do not want to store all of the library data with the archived project (a known issue which we will address as indicated above) then you could simply use a utility like zip or any other file compression tool. The symbol information is cached in the database anyway so you will not lose any information. The one proviso here is that the project is not 'active' i.e. No users are working in the schematics, so if you work in a concurrent environment ensure no other user is working when you run zip. DxArchive is recommended because it will suspend operations on the database as it makes the copy, thereby ensuring database integrity. Using a utility like zip will not do this.

          Similarly if you try to write your own utility then you will have to programmatically suspend any active users in the project.

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            Thanks, Rob. I would prefer to use the Archiver tool (and here also the GUI rather then the command line way),

            so I'm eager to get the new version soon. Can I speed up the things anyhow (Ideas site or other) ?


            The hint regarding the non-concurrent work during copying/archiving is helpful, too.


            Anyway, coming back to the project directory contents: Is there any possibility to learn more about the subdirectories and their usage ?


            One background is that we use a version control and we would prefer to check in and out some single design and configuration files

            rather then one big ZIP file or at least to exclude unuseful subdirectories before zipping.

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              I can't speak for the PADS generated data but from the DxDesigner perspective there are a number of files/folders that are informational only or automatically generated by the tools.

              In general the 'database' folder should not be messed around with, but you might consider the 'database/cdbsvr/log' folder as unnecessary as it contains only the log files in text format.

              Other folders at the project level are the 'Log Files' folder, which as the name implies contains log files generated by tools such as Verify, PCB Interface etc. Also 'genhdl' which is where files generated by the HDL netlisters/compilers (HyperLynx Analog) get stored and can always be regenerated.

              If you intend to limit the files you archive I would suggest you run a number of experiments with your data to ensure you do not compromise the design in any way.

              Caveat Emptor.

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                For the PADS layout tool: The design is stored in exactly 1 file ...

                So, the DxDesigner approach to use a database goes in this direction, too. That's fine.

                Of course I will not run experiments, that's complex and error-prone.

                So I have to either rely on the Archiver tool or onto a documentation about the project directory contents.

                If there is no documentation available (that's seems to be the case), I will use the Archiver tool to identfy

                the folders and files which are necessary and sufficient to reactivate a design.

                I will add a proposal to the Ideas site, too.