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    Automation using Python




      I would like to know if other people are using Python for automation.

      I wrote some script and may be we could exchange our experience.


      One question is how do you run your python script ?








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          Well, I played with Python and DxD automation but for me the problem is that it can only be used under Windows when I need it under Linux.

          All the communications are done over Python win32com module.

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            I've done a few python scripts for DxD and othe people in my team do so also.


            I'm not sure I understand your question. To run my scripts I usually double click on them from windows explorer...


            -- Misael

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              Thank you for the answer.


              Why question about the way you run python script ?


              As written in documentation, a script can be run externally or internally of the application.

              The execution time is different, quickier in "internal" mode.

              So I can run my script externally (double click on program name).

              To run internally,I use a workaround : I create a button (efm file) that will launch my

              python script via a WshShell.run(script). Here a sample (not optimized) ;



              Sub Button1_EventClick()
              Dim This : Set This = Button1
              Dim WshShell

              Set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

              ' open normal and wait

              var = Msgbox("N:\eef_custom\py\RAMS\NewComDxDes2Rams.py" , vbQuestion & vbOKCancel,"CHECK")

              If var <> vbOK Then
                Exit Sub
              End If 

                Returnit = WshShell.run("python.exe N:\eef_custom\py\RAMS\NewComDxDes2Rams.py",1,True)

              'Msgbox("RETOUR: " & Returnit)

              If Returnit <> 0 Then
                Msgbox("RETOUR: " & Returnit)
                endmsg = "RAMS  ERREUR code ::: " & Returnit & vbCrlf & "Progamme s'est mal terminé"
                WshShell.Popup endmsg,,genTitle,0 + 16
                endmsg = "Programme terminé : OK"
                WshShell.Popup endmsg,,genTitle,0 + 64
              End If

              Set Wshell = Nothing

              End Sub



              This is enough for the scripts I wrote (DxDes, Expedition,Padstackeditor,etc...)


              I explored also the 'pys -- python integrated in wsh) ' file with python, it ran once but after I had some small problems so I abandoned this path (for the moment).


              So I would like to know what is the way other people used to run the scripts.


              May be we can exchange some help regarding Python and EE automation.


              By the way I am not a programmer.


              Best regards

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                I've never used the "internal" mode. The scripts I've created usually finish in a couple of seconds (the largest one I have takes about 2 minutes to run through a ~300 page schematic) so I haven't tried to optimize them.


                In the past I did create a bunch of forms (using VBScript) before I started using python and I did see a significant performance increase when migrating to python.


                BTW, I'm not a programmer either...


                -- Misael

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                  Thank you for answering my request.


                  Best Regards