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    PADS Slow Start after New License Was Installed




      We received the new 15 year license file a couple of months after our service contract expired. Our license is Mobile Compute (Node Locked) License with Hardware Dongle. The PADS version is V9.1. After installation by using "Mentor Graphics SDD>PADS Licensing Asistance>Install License File, the PADS works without showing expiration warning any more. But it take about six minutes each time for the program to start, both PADS Logic and PADS Layout. Any ideas on how to fix the problem?





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          Take a look at the "MGLS_LICENSE_FILE" in the System variables.

          Maybe it is looking at multiple (maybe non-existing) paths.


          Do you only have one license or dy you have multiple licenses?

          If you have multiple licenses in a single "License.dat" file on a network drive, it can take a very long time aqquire a license.




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            Hi Klaus,


            Thanks. I think your answer is correct. Our license files in the earlier years are for nodelocked operation with dongle. Then we bought another floating license. The new license file is apparently for both types. Now I am installing it on a nodelocked computer.


            I have noticed that there is a Mentor License Utility that can separate the two licenses automatically. But the utility only supports V9.2 and newer. We are using V9.1. The slow start may be that the software spends a lot of time looking for the floating license which does not exist on this computer.


            Now, how do I fix the problem?





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              Hi Tom,


              My guess as to the cause of the problem is that the most recent license file you installed contains a combination of Nodelocked and Floating licenses. The floating licenses are delivered with a placeholder "put_server_name_here" hostname, and when you install this license file at PADS9.2 using the "Nodelocked" option, it doesn't remove these floating licenses. As a result, when you invoke PADS it attempts to resolve this non-existent hostname for every feature in PADS, which can result in a very slow invocation. Beginning with PADS9.3 the nodelocked license file installation ignores these floating licenses (which only need to be installed on the server) and therefore will not create this problem scenario.


              Regarding the Mentor License Utility - it can actually be used to install a license file or edit the licensing environment for any version of PADS newer than 5.01 (PADS2003 and above). You might actually want to try the PADS License Wizard, which is an additional executable delivered alongside the Mentor License Utility. This utility will remove old/redundant pointers to licenses in your licensing environment and install your most current license file, and it separates the nodelocked from floating licenses automatically.


              I hope that helps.




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                Hi Andrew,


                The problem has been resolved following your suggestions. The license wizard works. Thanks a lot for helps from you and Klaus!!!