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    Dx symbol editor - Border symbol creation


      Hello all,

      does anybody created a new symbol (own) for border (from the scratch)... not by copy/paste as in documentation is noted?

      I did some but I can't see it during mapping it into sheet size in DxDesigner.

      What is wrong?

      I noticed that there have to be some things for defining the BORDER symbol.... but nowhere it is described:


      • position of symbol outline




      • and some other

      I cant see my own border symbol during border configuration...


      Does anybody help me to find an appropirate document which describes how to create the BORDER symbol to be able to see it in list of possible borders for assigning to the sheet size?


      Many thanks


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          I have solved my problem partly....I can see it in border configuration but after invoking the DxD with automatic adding border the schematic is opened in OFFLINE (READ ONLY) mode! Oh my god! What's wrong again!

          Have I keep some size of my drawing or what?


          Can you help me?


          Many thanks


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            Hi Martin,


            You are correct, the symbol must be type "Annotate", and the bounding box / symbol outline should be smaller than the symbol graphics.




            You can see some example border symbols in the install tree (open $SDD_HOME/standard/examples/SampleLib2007/SampleLib2007.lmc in Library Manager).




            For example, the symbol dsheet.1 has the symbol outline from 0,0 to 10,10.  Most people used this convention in earlier versions of the tool, so selecting the border was easy (drag select in lower left corner)





            With the new text owner indicators, it is preferable now to move the text outline to the area of the border where properties are found.





            If you modify the symbol after it's been placed in a schematic, use the Tools -> Update Symbols menu to reload the modified symbol(s) into the design cache.






            You may see a message that the border symbol cannot be updated, you may need to close the sheets using that border, or use the Delete Border command.



            The schematic may be opened in read-only mode if there is another user editing the schematic.  See if you have multiple instances of DxDesigner running,




            Hope this helps.






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              Hi, Martin


              I hope the two Technotes as below would help. Recently ,I have encountered a like problem as you did in PADS2007.4.















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                Good morning,

                many thanks for your recommendation....

                As I can see I'll have to leave this problem and wait until Mentor solve this problem on his site. I can't accept foreigner's borders... this is why I try to find out a way how to make my own border.


                Many thanks John 


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                  Good morning



                  Many thanks for this two links.. very helpful... I don't know why this description isn't included into help of DxD tool. 



                  But as I told... I'll have to wait....






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                    Sorry, I don't understand - what are you waiting for Mentor to fix?






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                      Good morning John,

                      definitely... because in current state I can't use it as we are used to....

                      I hope that Mentor fix it! It is bug.


                      Why should I use the Mentor's borders??

                      (DxD is strange tool.. I don't like it..... e.g. Why I have to push the button to have the border data updated?? Why not to do it automatically as autosave works? )



                      Have a nice day


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                        I have looked through the thread but I cannot find a precise description of exactly what your issue is with creating a new border symbol, without this information we will not be able to address the problems you are having. You say that you consider 'this' to be a bug in our software,  please log an SR with Customer Support or through Support Net  if you have not done so already, if you have already done this please post a reference back to this site.









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                          Dear Robert,

                          the problem is in use of the USER borders symbols. (all created by user.. not edited mentor's border)


                          After configuration of the border sheet assignment and creating a new sheet (with auto add border option) the DxD goes to offline mode.... Why?



                          I'll apparently open a new SR....




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                            Thanks, we will keep you posted.









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                              Hi Martin,



                              Don;t know if this will help, but here is how we do our borders in EE2007.3



                              Border Symbol


                              1. In Library manager, open your centrla library and open "symbols" then create/open a "Borders" partition

                              2. Create a new symbol, with an appropriate name.

                              3. The actual symbol should be of type ANNOTATE and Forward PCB should be FALSE.

                              4. Our oorigin is set a few grid units to the left and below the actual bottom left corner of the border to ensure printing works well

                              5. The bounding box is just a couple of grid points in size.


                              Setting the Border as the default option.


                              1. You will have a default.prj file in your "standard" WDIR path (e.g. C:\MentorGraphics\EE2007EE\SDD_HOME\standard

                              2. Open this and go to "setup">"Settings"

                              3. Under the "designs" partition click "borders"

                              4. Pick a sheet size as applicable, or make a custom one (dependant on symbol size) and click in the box Under "First Sheets" navigte tot eh border you created. Do the same for "Next Sheets"

                              5. Still in "Set up">"Settings" under the "Schematic Editor" partition select "New Sheets"

                              6. Pick the size as applicable (i..e the one you put the border symbol on), fill out the dimensions (if a custom sheet), check the orientation and check the "Automatically add border to new schematic sheets". Check the other two boxes too (assuming you want the same border for all sheets).


                              Copy this Default.prj file to your corporate WDIR directory (if you have one)



                              All new designs will now use this border.



                              Hope this helps






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                                Hello PeteBrant,

                                thanks for your response...

                                The procedure how to draw and add the border into my library and project is clear.

                                I tried to play with custom sheet size... but without good result...


                                I give it up.... I wasted much of my time ...




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                                  For custom sheets...


                                  1. In DxDesigner, go to Setup>Settings

                                  2. Under the "Designs" seciotn, click "Borders"

                                  3. Click "add custom"

                                  4. type in the dimension of the new sheet - THESE MUST BE CORRECT

                                  5. Click the space next to eh new sheet under "First sheet" Navigate to your sheet symbol

                                  6. Do the same for Next sheets

                                  7. Under the Schematic Editor Tab, click  "New Sheets"

                                  8. Select the custom sheet from the drop down

                                  9. Typ ein the width and height THIS MUST MATCH THE NUMBERS YOU PUT IN TO DEFINE THE CUSTOM SHEET

                                  10. Check the Automatically add new borders check box














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                                    Hi Pete,

                                    thanks for your notes...

                                    But I know how to create, assign the border.

                                    I'm interested in your point 4 "MUST BE CORRECT"... I don't know what more I have to do... my symbol border fits into the sheet size!

                                    But the DxDesigned doesn't like modified border.... still offline mode


                                    Have a nice day