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    Exporting the PDF from dxdesigner




      We have tried to get pdf of schematic from dxdesigner throgh File > Export > PDF, but it doesnt work.

      Please let us know how we can export / print (not ctrl+P) schematic to pdf so that I can see the properties of component when click on it?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Could you check if the "Add popup menu on components" option has been checked in the General tab DxPDF GUI.

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            File > Export > PDF is a licensed product called DxPDF.  If there is no .pdf file generated chances are you are not licensed for DxPDF.  You can check the licensing by trying from commandline.


            1. Open a DOS shell and navigate to the directory of the project.  Your prompt will look something like this:

            2. At the prompt, type in the executable for the pdfwriter, sch2pdf.  You may need to type in an entire path.  Include the project name in the command.  (Including your prompt) the line will look something like this:

              C:\project\jeff>C:\MentorGraphics\9.3.1PADS\SDD_HOME\wv\win32\bin\sch2pdf –project jeff.prj


            If this is a licensing issue, the licensing error will show when running from dos