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    DxDesigner Automation Utilities


      Hi all,


      I'm really disapointed with this script!!!

      I have reorganize all the library due to DxDB, new PART PARTITON and new new SYMBOL PARTITON.

      Now I'm trying to update design with the new library using DxDesigner Automation Utilities, bad results!!!


      Is it a way to synchronize (easy and fast) a design with a new library?





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          DxD-AU was never meant to fully syncronize a design with a library, it was only meant to help repair common problems at that given time. It has not been updated in a while because of other commitments I have had...


          You are mentioned you are trying to synch a design with a differeny library, could you give some more details as to what you are trying to do so we could better guide you?