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    How to find global signals in Dx project?


      We want to find, by automation, which signals in a design are global.

      Which PIN symbols exist in the board that have the property 'Global Signal Name' and what is their value.


      thanks, Lary.

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          Hi Lary,


          You could open each sheet, call the ActiveView.Query method to find components, check the component's symbol type, and check for the Global Signal Name property.


          See How to visit each schematic sheet in DxDesigner 2007.x


          Or, you could use the Tools -> List Global Signals menu and parse the text in the Output window, like this:


          Set ot = Addins("Output").Control.AddTab("Output")


          ExecuteMenuCommand "ToolsListGlobalSignals"

          sSignals = ""

          Do While sSignals = ""

          sSignals = ot.Text

          Scripting.Sleep 100


          MsgBox sSignals



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            Hi John,

            Thank you for your help.

            I think that the documentation is incomplete and inaccurate.


            With your help I managed to do it using the second method.


            here are the Perl lines for it:


            $vdapp =Win32::OLE->GetActiveObject("ViewDraw.Application");

            $ot = $vdapp->addins("Output")->control->addtab("Output");



            $sSignals = $ot->text;


            I did not find the way to do it with the first suggestion.

            I can find all the schematics, sheets and components but don't know how to find the 'Global Signal Name'.


            after wondering in the forum I assume that I have to

            Take a look at this discussion:


                 Attributes from the underlying symbol



            Best regards,


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