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    HyperLynx 3D EM SSD - Design Kits


      Hello all,

      does exist some Design kits for this software as for HyperLynx SI/PI exist?

      Especially I'm interesting for design kit for a dipole antenna.


      Many thanks


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          If you design printed dipole antenna, I think Hyperlynx 3D EM(Zeland IE3D) is a good simulation tool. There are some examples for printed antennas included with Hyperlynx 3D EM install. I guess Hypelynx 3D haven't wizard or designkits for antenna.


          For Antenna design, Magus is an excellent design tool for antenna. It's is a searchable antennas database where you can expplore from 200+ antenna types, design, and it supports to export to CST and FEKO 3D EM tools for simulation.



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            Yanfeng is right. HyperLynx 3D EM SSD has many antenna examples with its install. It has a FastEM design feature for interactive tuning and optimization.