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    Frozen symbol pins in symbol editor?



      Why would a symbol pin be "frozen"(from editor message) when editing a symbol? Using 7.9.3.


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          Hi Gregory,


          I can check this also...


          This is related to –frozeninterface switch which was delivered to NSE for handling Reuse Block symbols.As far as I know there is a defect to improve this mechanism.


          On the other hand, it is possible to open symbols in NSE without this  new switch using TCL command. User can create script to automate it or  this can be done manually.


          - (when the symbol is open in NSE) copy TCL command from Console  (e.g. nse::opensymbol –frozeninterface  –partition FPGA actel_d34_256.1)
          - close the symbol
          - paste copied earlier TCL command to Console window
          - remove  –frozeninterface switch and run it (it allows to open the symbol in  ‘clasic’ mode): nse::opensymbol –partition FPGA actel_d34_256.1


          Note: This happens for symbols which belongs to parts existing in Central Library.


          Thank you.

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            The pin is frozen because it is defined by the part in Library Manager.  You need to disconnect the symbol from the part, correct the symbol and then reconnect the symbol to the part.  Creating a copy of the symbol may be the easiest method to do this.


            Although it is technically possible to force the symbol to be unfrozen, the part will not package after the symbol is edited.  You MUST do as I described above.


            Gary Lameris

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              How do I disconnect from the part?

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                As Gary mentioned there are two ways to do this, copy the symbol to a new name and edit it (simplest and least work), then rename the symbol (after the edit) or point the Part to this new symbol. The other option is to delete the part and effectively start again.. You could of course unfreeze the symbol by using the instructions provided above, reproduced here, modify the symbol then update the part with the correct pins.


                Open the symbol in the symbol editor - you will see the command used in the output window:


                nse::opensymbol –frozeninterface  –partition XXXX yyyy.1


                where XXXX is the partition and yyyy.1 is the symbol


                - Copy this TCL command from Console  (Ctrl+C)

                - close the symbol but don't close the editor

                - paste the command you copied earlier

                -  remove  –frozeninterface switch and run it, i.e.  nse::opensymbol –partition XXXX yyyy.1

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                  As a note, this has been fixed in the VX versions of the software so that limited edits are allowed on mapped parts but not edits that would break the relationship with the part definition.