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    Error in defining a round conductive area


      Hello everyone,


      I tried to write a very small program that places a round conductiveArea in a board.


      I probably have a syntax error, because the respond is:  OBJECT REQUIRED.

        ( the error appears in RED line)



      Private Sub Run_but_Click()

           Dim Arr()
           Dim Cond_Area
           Dim My_net


           My_net = My_Board.FindNet("GROUND")

           My_Board.TransactionStart (epcbDRCModeNoneWithBatchQuery)


            Arr = My_app.Utility.CreateCircleXYR(18, 35, 2)     ' Board defined in mm
            Set Cond_Area = My_Board.PutConductiveArea(1, My_net, UBound(Arr, 2) + 1, Arr, Nothing, epcbAnchorNone, epcbUnitCurrent)

      End Sub



      Can anybody  point my mistake ?


      Thanks for any help.