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    Graphical differences in DxDesigner and Symbol editor


      Hello all,


      Drawing a symbol in symbol editor with different line width (e.g. lines with line width 1 and rectangles with line width 3).

      When placed the symbol in DxDesiger, All different line width are 1. If I place a earlier created symbol in DxDesigner,

      no changes of line width.


      Current Version of DxDesigner is EE7.9.4 update 11.


      Does anybody know something about this issue?


      Many thanks

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          Is this a new symbol or have you updated an existing symbol? If it is an update to en existing symbol then you will need to run the Update Symbols command to replace the existing part in the design with the updated version. If you want to be notified of symbol chnages then turn on Flag out-of-date symbols in the Advanced pane of the settings dialog. DxDesigner will check for symbol updates when a project is opened, if you want to force an update for a project that is opened already run Tools - Update Libraries.