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    DxDesigner custom menus


      Where can I find more information on the CommandBars features?


      I've added a custom menu item to DxDesigner and its starting to get crowded with random scripts I've created and I want to compartmentalize them better.  What I want to replicate is if you go to "File" -> "New" and you get that extra window that pops out with more options.  I've manged to figure out how to do this with the right click menu but cant seem to figure it out for the pull down menus at the top.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!

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          You could easily do this using the Automation Manager:



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            Would I have to install this on every machine I want to see these menus?


            Isn't there anything I can read that will give me the three to four lines of code I need?  I'd prefer to not have to redo everything I've set up so far.

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              This is for Library Manager, but it should give you the idea...


              'This startup script was auto generated by Automation Manager - v1.4.47.1205

              Option Explicit



              Dim MenuBar

              Set MenuBar = CommandBars("Main Menu Bar")



              Dim SDDAU_env

              SDDAU_env = Scripting.GetEnvVariable("SDD_Automation_Utilities")

              Dim Automation_UtilitiesMenu, Automation_UtilitiesMenuCtrls

              Set Automation_UtilitiesMenu = MenuBar.Controls.Add(cmdControlPopup,,,4)

              Automation_UtilitiesMenu.Caption = "Automation Utilities"



              'Script:Library Manager\Automation_Utilities\Rapid Part Creator.exe

              Dim RapidPartCreator

              Set RapidPartCreator = Automation_UtilitiesMenu.Controls.Add

              RapidPartCreator.Caption = "Rapid Part Creator"

              RapidPartCreator.OnAction = "run " & SDDAU_env & "\Library Manager\Rapid Part Creator\RapidPartCreator.vbs"

              RapidPartCreator.Enabled = True



              'Script:Library Manager\Automation_Utilities\Engineering Part Creator.exe

              Dim EngineeringPartCreator

              Set EngineeringPartCreator = Automation_UtilitiesMenu.Controls.Add

              EngineeringPartCreator.Caption = "Engineering Part Creator"

              EngineeringPartCreator.OnAction = "run " & SDDAU_env & "\Library Manager\Engineering Part Creator\EngineeringPartCreator.vbs"

              EngineeringPartCreator.Enabled = True




              Dim Sub_Menu_Item1Menu

              Set Sub_Menu_Item1Menu = Automation_UtilitiesMenu.Controls.Add(cmdControlPopup)

              Sub_Menu_Item1Menu.Caption = "Sub Menu Item1"



              'Script:Library Manager\Sub_Menu_Item1\Report and Update Mounting Holes.exe

              Dim ReportandUpdateMountingHoles

              Set ReportandUpdateMountingHoles = Sub_Menu_Item1Menu.Controls.Add

              ReportandUpdateMountingHoles.Caption = "Report and Update Mounting Holes"

              ReportandUpdateMountingHoles.OnAction = "run " & SDDAU_env & "\Library Manager\Report and Update Mounting Holes\ReportandUpdateMountingHoles.vbs"

              ReportandUpdateMountingHoles.Enabled = True

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                Easy enough, thank you Jeremy


                'Creates Main Menu

                Set Automation_UtilitiesMenu = MenuBar.Controls.Add(cmdControlPopup,,,4)


                'Creates a Sub Menu in the Main Menu

                Set Sub_Menu_Item1Menu = Automation_UtilitiesMenu.Controls.Add(cmdControlPopup)



                I'll have to take a look at that automation manager some more later on when I have some more time.  It does look nice.

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