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    Switch Parameters




      Is there any option to include switch parameters like resistance or current carrying capacity?

      I have my multifunction switch in which switches of diffent current carrying capacity is present.


      So in order to optimize my wire sizes, I want change the wire size and do simulation result.
      Also i would like to know is there any indication where is shows switch is overloaded? like we get for wire or fuse.


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      -Navaneeth K

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          Of course the answer to this in VeSys 2.0 is yes, in VeSys Classic there are limited parameters to control the behaviour (resistance of devices such as switches - just look in your VeSysDesign.INI file).  But if you would like to automate the optimization of wire sizes then a solution exists in VeSys 2.0 when used with the optional feature SimStress which does exactly what you want.


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