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    Total newbie!




      I'm a total newbie at this.


      I have three programs recently installed.


      These are PADS Logic (where I've managed to draw a simple test schematic), PADS Layout (where I've managed to place the components in what I think is a double-sided PCB) and PADS Router (where I've managed to manually route some of the connections).


      Everything works fine until I try autorouting or even manually routing some of the connections.


      I understand that these connections cannot be routed "across" the other connections (i.e I get a clearance warning).


      But how do I tell the router to use the other side?


      And why does not the (auto)router understand this?


      I obviously have some settings wrong.


      But there are so many of them


      Best regrads, Roger


      Where and how do I set the actual size of the PCB? I want to use EU-sizes only.

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          Hi Roger,


          We welcome you to the Mentor Graphics Communities!


          First I'd like to apologize for the delayed reply. Secondly, the Expedition support personnel that monitor this forum have very limited experience with PADS functionality, therefore you may want to re-post your questions to the PADS Layout and Routing forum (link below), where your questions will most likely be addressed much faster by one of the PADS experts. If there were a way to move your post I would have ablige, but unfortunately I don't have priviledges to perform this type of administration task.




          Best Regards,



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            Hi Roger,


            I'd like to welcome you to the PADS (and Mentor) community too. I can move your post so you won't have to type everything back in again. I hope you get a quick answer to your questions!


            Best regards,


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              The Router is powerful but does require some setup to achieve the desired results.  If you have support we have a Router (and Layout) Workshop that explains the basics of using the Router.  You can access the workshop at:



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                I am sure the tutorials will answer the question eventually. However, if the problem is what I suspect, there is a quick answer. It is to do with the layer setup and routing rules.


                This can be done in either the schematic prior to making the netlist, or in the PCB layout. First check your layer setup. (setup>layer definition). For a multilayer board it should look something like 1.jpg.


                Next, select the layers you want to route on (setup>design rules>default>routing). I suspect it will look something like 2.jpg. Select the layers and add. It should now look like 3.jpg. The board should now route.



                Board size. If it is just a rectangle, create the rectangle and the right click select board outline and double click one side of the board and manually enter the dimensions. Do this for the opposite side and you have your board size. I usually save standard sized boards as blank PCB's (make them read only!) and import my netlists into them then save straight away.

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                  Hi Philip!


                  I thank you very much for your detailed and nice answer. I have not tested it yet but I am totally sure that I can rely on what you have said.


                  I would also like to apologize for my last mail. I am an emotionally challenged person but I can promise you all that I will never be that mean again!


                  Take care!


                  Best regards, Roger


                  A special thanks goes to the person who moved my thread to the right place. Who could know that there actually where two categories called almost the same?