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        Hello All.


        I'm Mike Weinberg and I work for Emerson Control Techniques in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis.


        I have over 30 years PCB design experience. In 2012 I won 1st place in Mentor Graphics' Technology Leadership Award competition (the 24th annual) in the Industrial Controls, Instrumentation, Security and Medical category.


        Engineering is in my blood and I'm still loving it after all these years. I feel it's time to give back to the PCB design community in thanks and appreciation for all the help and support I've received in the past.


        I've leveraged my experience and opportunities to achieve a broad, in-depth understanding of the DxDesigner>Expedition suite and feel I am now, after five years, in a position to help others.


        I welcome any questions or issues the community may have, especially having to do with the various applications of the suite and how they work together.


        I can also advise on the establishment of best practices for your particular situation.


        More information is available on my profile page.


        Warm regards,



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          Mike - welcome to the Mentor Community. I appreciate that you joined and look forward to your contributions. Having someone with your depth of experience and willingness to share will be a great addition to the community. However, as a PCB designer, you will likely want to target your contributions to the appropriate Expedition community found here: http://communities.mentor.com/community/pcb/expedition. Your introductory post was added to our IC design community. But welcome anyway...we are glad you are here!!

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            Hi Everyone,


            I am Amardeep, currently working for a startup in India, as a CAD engineer, developing CAD methodologies and infrastructure, supporting custom layout, functional verifiation teams. I had worked earlier with Cypress India providing CAD support.  Over the years I had an oppurtunity to work with calibre, but now I am try to develop some rule-decks to provide some handy utilties to the layout engineers.  Can someone suggest me the path I should go in quickly understanding SVRF and write rule files.  Are there any tutuorials/documents (other than userguides) that can help a starter to write calibre rules.


            Thanks for you help,


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              Hi Amardeep-


              The very best way to learn to write rule files is to take the instructor-led training because they not only highlight the important details such as what rules have the best performance for certain situations but can also answer questions about tailoring the rule files and utilities to your employer's needs.  They also have a direct line to the developers if you ask something they haven't run into before.  The class you would want as a CAD person is "Writing DRC/LVS Rules".


              There are also self-paced (usually video) tutorials, aimed more at the end user than the CAD rule writer. To view the entire list,

              1. On SupportNet with Calibre nmDRC selected, click the Reference tab.
              2. On the reference tab, click the "How Tos and Tutorials" link at the end of the tab top nav. (It will be in the row under the tab name.)
              3. Feast your eyes. :-)  Some tutorials only show up with particular products; most rule-writing ones are under "nmDRC."


              As an example, one that might interest you is "How to Generate Calibre XOR Rules for OASIS and GDS Database Compare".  I also highly recommend "Understanding the Calibre Log File."


              Another hidden resource is the Calibre QuickStart and the many Calibre example kits hidden under the "Downloads and Utilities" link. (We are working at making this more easily accessible.)  If the link doesn't work for you, you can get to them by

              1. On SupportNet (any product), click the Downloads tab.
              2. Ignore the big executable download.  Below it is a humble link, "Calibre Utilities, Examples, Scripts and Interface Software".  Click that.
              3. You'll be presented with a reminder that SVRF and TVF are IP -- it is a repeat of one chunk of the bigger Calibre license and nothing new, legally.  Click "I agree".
              4. The examples are the last group of downloads.  You can either jump directly there, or find them at the end after browsing the wealth of scripts that the application engineers have donated over the years. 


              Best of luck-



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                Hi All.

                This is Shitiz, i just subscribed to this forum. I work on DRC/PERC Runset Development and InterConnect Modeling, i am working with QualComm, joined just 8 months back.

                Earlier i was working with Freescale , worked with FSL for 7 years  in DRC/LVS and PERC . Prior to Freescale i as worked  with Cadence for 2 year, supporting Pshysical verificaton tools.

                I look forward to stay tuned with the latest issues and developments through this forum.



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                  Hi Shitiz,


                  Welcome to the Calibre Communities!


                  And thanks for already offering assistance to others here. Way to keep the Community spirit going.




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                    Hi everybody,


                    I'm glad to participate in Mentor Communities.


                    My name is tom. I am a OPC&DFM engineer in Shanghai. I always keep on studying calibre RET tools and love to use calibre tools really.

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                      Hi Tom,


                      Welcome to the Calibre Community. I hope you have a pleasant experience.



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                        Hello everyone,


                        I am Akash from Pune,India and currently working for Bajaj Auto., a manufacturer of 2Wh,3Wh in India


                        Capital Logic and Capital harness XC is what I am learning to handle now. I acquire a lot of knowledge from SupportNet & Communities.

                        Thanks to all who ever helped me in solving my doubts.

                        I hope Capital can be developed to a better and more powerful tool which can make users' daily work more effective.


                        Thank you.


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                          Welcome Akash!

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                            Hi to all,


                            I'm Luciano and I worked in STmicroelectronics on MDP and RATeam.


                            I used frequently Calibre , Calibredrv, gds2osis..and some others Mentor uitlity and tools.




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                              Welcome to the community Luciano! 

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