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    A problem with pin mapping


      Hello everyone.

      How could the following problem appear and how to solve it? (see the attachement)

      I just signed pins, that are not connected according to schematic, as "no connect". There are no free pins anymore, but the component seems to be incomplete.



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          When you say you assigned pins that are 'not connected according to schematic' it might be that you are mis-understanding how these two things tie together. If a pin appears in the symbol then it must be mapped by its name to a pin in the PDB mapping, even if the pin isn't connected in the schematic in a particular design. If you want to prevent some warnings in DRC you can connect your unused symbol pins to net stubs and terminate these with a 'No Connect' symbol (see picture). These nets are not forward annotated to the PCB layout.

          If on the other hand you have some pins in the cell (aka footprint) that are not used (not connected inside the device) then you map these to the No Connect list in the PDB.

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