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    Hyperlynx & Touchstone viewer license




      I am a Hyperlynx user and some time ago I could have open hyperlynx and a touchstone viewer simultanously. Today with the new version 9.2 it seems that I can't do that anymore. If I export the data to s-parameter file I can't view them, unless I close the hyperlynx and after the license is released open the touchstone viewer and then view the results. Are my assumptions correct?




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          Hello Marijan,


          this is a know issue with the tool and has been filed as error DR/ER #01116354 . It will be resolved in the next patch. So I am told.


          For now the workaround is to open the touchstone viewer before you open any hyperlynx tool (Boardsim or Linesim). So the viewer will grab the viewer license and you can work with the tool. As soon as the tool invokes the viewer it will open, since you have it open already.


          Hope this helps.


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