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    PartQuest; multiple error messages when setting up


      I have followed the tutorial at PADS Did you know PADS has the largest number of parts, symbols, and footprints available, all for free on the web? Learn mor…


      -Error "No product license available...parts will not be decrypted..."

      -In PartQuest site, I Cannot change "download directory" from PartQuest as I do not have the "pq.ini" file anywhere, and I would like to change the DL folder to the following directory: C:\MentorGraphics\PADSVX.1.2\SDD_HOME\Libraries\PartQuest, for now it goes to C:\Downloads, so I found and edited Partquest.ini and now I get a new error message talking about re-opening .pqz file because it did not decrypt.

      -If I copy and paste the .pqz file to my directory C:\MentorGraphics\PADSVX.1.2\SDD_HOME\Libraries\PartQuest\PADS_Professional, and then double-click the .pqz file, that appears to do nothing

      -Going into XDxDesigner I select "Symbols LIbraries" and point to C:\Pads Projects\PartQuest, but no symbols show up.

      -Importing partquest parts gives the new "Decrypt error" message...


      I really do not know how to make this work...Help!

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          No, you really don't want to change the directory...  PartQuest is a 3 step process


          1. PartQuest does the following, it downloads the data in a pqz file (PartQuest zip file).  This should be your normal user download location.
          2. Doubleclicking  the pqz file runs the extractor, which unzips the download package into a package Import PartQuest can use for your designated tool.  I usually select a directory like C:\PQ_unzip  for this, but this location can also be in "My documents" or a folder on your "desktop".  The data placed here is temporary, until imported into your library.
          3. Next -  Tools Import PartQuest Parts  imports  the data from the above directory into your user libraries (with the exception of the edx files which must currently be manually imported if you are using the integrated flow)    Tools import PartQuest Parts uses PartQuest.ini

          The PartQuest.ini DropboxFolder key and the pq.ini TargetDirectory key must have the same root directory.  DropBoxFolder will also specify the flow.


          To fix pq.ini

          1. Windows Start, Search %appdata%
          2. This should open Windows Explorer ..\appdata  Create a subdirectory PartQuestTools
          3. Add the attached pq.ini file into the subdirectory
          4. close the PartQuestTools window
          5. double click on a downloaded pqz file to specify the folder to unzip the pqz files into.  (Step 2 above)
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            I'm new to this board, where it the attachment pq.ini file?