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    Add Property to symbol-definition


      Hello everyone,


      I just ran into a problem I cant solve: I'm trying to get familiar with symbol-definition in order to build up "my" own library. For a start I downloaded the oda starter lib, and got my setup working fine. Now I wanted to show additional properties like "Datasheet Link" (I added some links to pdf-documents and got that working too) or "Part List Exclude". As soon as I activate the visibility, the property is shown in the schematics, but the position depends on the order I selected the property (sometimes multiple properties even overlap each other). For a first start this might be OK, but with or "old" library I got somewhat annoyed with moving properties to where I want them to be, so they don't interfere with other symbols or nets or so.


      My intention is to add a property (as mentioned "Datasheet Link" or "Part List Exclude", others might follow) to the symbol-definition, define the position where it shall appear, define the text-size and so on; similar to "REFDES", ManufacturerPN, ... Can someone please help me, and give me some pointers on how to accomplish this?


      Thank you very much for any help,


      kind regards,



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          When you create a symbol you can pre-place the properties so that as they get populated you will know where they will appear. You need to turn on the Placeholder option in the symbol editor and then move the property to the preferred location, this is where it will appear in the symbol. You can control this for each rotation of the compound symbol definition (from VX.2.0 onwards). If you do this on existing symbols you may need to run 'Symbol - Reposition Properties' after the symbol is updated in the schematic. We intend to automate this step in the next release of PADS Designer, it is the one option missing in our latest changes in VX.2.3.