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    PADS ASCII file for DxDesigner formats


      I am trying to recreate some archived ASCII files (.asc) to be imported into DxDesigner schematic capture designs.

      First of all, I am not a PADS user. My boss asked me recreate the .asc file for another company without letting me talk to the folks requesting the file.

      I am exporting the ASCII file from PADS version 9.4 using the following steps:

      1.  Write ECO File > append to file

      2.  FILE >> EXPORT

      3.  Provide file name; name.asc

      4.  FORMAT = PADS Layout V2007

      5.  UNITS = CURRENT (mils)

      6. CATEGORIES: Parts, Connections, Misc


      The file that outputs begins like this;


      ..and continues in that general format.

      The file format I am trying to replicate looks like this;


      ..and continues in this same general format.

      Both files have the same three categories, but I can't seem to get the new .asc file to look like the second format.

      I have tried several different options without success.

      Any suggestions would be appreciated.